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The AIP Summit 2021 is here!

Whether you are brand new to AIP or a seasoned veteran, whether you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or just want to improve your overall wellness, whether you are a confident and skilled cook or a kitchen novice... the 2021 AIP Summit offers something for you!

This event is created by, hosted by, and featuring 29 AIP Certified Coaches discussing wide-ranging topics all devoted to exploring the Autoimmune Protocol.

Each of the seven days of the summit will include at least one cooking demonstration, but since food is just one part of AIP, the summit reflects that by covering a wide range of topics. You’ll be able to watch sessions on the science behind the protocol, practice stress management and fine tune your mindset, explore emotional issues, learn from coaches who help people troubleshoot their progress, get information on how AIP works with complementary treatment modalities, and much, much more!

There will be 5 presentations every day of the summit, meaning 35 in all!

• AIP Basics and Getting Started (GS)

• Cooking Demonstrations (CD)

• Science Deep Dives (SD)

• Lifestyle (sleep, stress, movement, connection) (LS)

• Beyond Eliminations (BE)

I will be presenting on Histamine Intolerance and how to adapt AIP accordingly

Truly, the 2021 AIP Summit offers something for everyone living with an autoimmune disease or caring for someone who has one, so I hope you’ll accept this invitation and join me for the 2021 AIP Summit this January. 

Want to know more, watch for free or catch the Encore Weekend? Follow my link:

WANT TO OWN IT and watch anytime? PURCHASE it! You'll receive:

• Immediate access to all content so you can start watching on your own schedule right away.

• Downloadable videos of all 35 sessions to keep forever!

• Downloadable transcripts for all 35 sessions to keep forever!

• Bonus gifts from the presenting AIP coaches and sponsors.

Want to catch up on what you missed earlier this year? Check out the 2020 AIP Summit Here in English:

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