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Certified AutoImmune Protocol Coach

Certified Genomic Medicine Clinician

Raleigh, NC

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Meet Ludy
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My name is Ludivine de Menten, or Ludy. I moved to the USA in Raleigh, North Carolina in January 2017 with my husband, our son and our dog. I'm originally from Belgium and speak French as well as English.

I earned a PhD in Biology then worked in Clinical Trial Supplies departments of different pharmaceutical companies for more than 10 years, mostly focusing on drug development for autoimmune and chronic diseases.

I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto (thyroid autoimmune disease) in 2002 but only discovered in 2015 that food and stress can influence my symptoms and, if well managed, could reverse the disease. It's been over 2 years that I have been reading about the subject and I am passionate about the role of taking a Holistic approach of preventing and treating a chronic disease and the well-being that results. Food is medicine and food can give you disease... the important thing is to select the good foods, but this information is sometimes difficult to find and often confusing.

I had to quit my corporate job when I moved to the USA. I took this opportunity to follow specific training to become a Health Coach then went on to become an Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP) Certified Coach. With this training my goal is to provide support to others that are struggling to find their path in their eating/living habits with the hope to help them avoid all the frustration of dealing with a chronic disease without proper support on this matter. It is a little like filling the gap between the physicians and the patients.


I am looking forward to be working with you and supporting you in your goal to achieve better lifestyle and healthy habits and finally thrive.




Memberships: Proud member of the following associations!

Founder of the Triangle Holistic Practitioners Resource Group

Certified Health Coach - 2017 - Dr Sears Wellness Institute

AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) Protocol Certified Coach - 2017 - Autoimmune Wellness with Dr Sarah Ballantyne

Certified Genomic Medicine Clinician - 2019 - Genoma International

Doctorate in Sciences, option Biology (Behavioral and Molecular Ecology) - 2005

Master in Biology - 2000

 - Free University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium

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