I worked with Ludy for 3 months and it was the most helpful 3 months of my life. I’ve been dealing with autoimmune disease for over 10 years and recently was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I have only taken medications which assisted with the symptoms but never dealt with the root of the problem. In those 3 months Ludy helped me with a plethora of information, food ideas, and a guide to AIP. She was always available if I ran into questions related to what is AIP appropriate to eat or use in recipes. I shared photos of foods I made using recipes she shared or things I came up with. On our last visit we walked through a health food store and looked at food ingredients for things not to use and what was the best brand. In my time with her I had my blood levels checked and my A1c was normal and my thyroid levels looked good.”   Melanie, client - AIP package

"Ludy, the presentation and information were just wonderful! I cannot tell you how intensely I devoured it. I loved your slides, especially the ones explaining the Gene to protein conversion. Your kind and sweet nature also came through and I took lots of notes. I will be checking out your website soon!" Pooja, webinar participant

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