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Buy local: visit of Double T Farm in Garner, NC

It's been a while I wanted to buy my veggies from a local producer instead of buying exclusively at the grocery store (the usual Farmers Market's opening hours never fit my schedule unfortunately)... I finally met Tom Kumpf, the owner of Double T Farm ( His farm, located in Garner, NC, is organically and sustainably run. Tom and his family are growing a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

Their goal is to teach the community that local, organic produce is a viable alternative to suburban sprawl, leading to healthier people and communities. Tom was a teacher in his previous life, he is great at explaining how and why he is producing that way.

I visited his field end of March with my son and a friend and we had a blast, we tried flowers and leftovers from the winter production. We saw the bees hive, mandatory to pollinate the flowers and have awesome veggies and fruits.

Their produces are awesome, I signed up for the CSA and don't regret it at all!. Here is pictures of some of my boxes in May and June.

Tom is attentive and flexible when preparing my weekly box, I can replace some non-AIP compliant produces by others available that week. If you are afraid to start not knowing if it is for you, Tom understands that, you are not stuck with a life-contract, you can stop anytime (which I doubt you would do, so it is good and fresh), change your share size or switch some items you are not eating that much.

For me, living North Raleigh, what I found really great is that Tom has convenient delivery pick-up options in Raleigh and Gardner. Real fresh local organic produce delivered nearby, pretty amazing, right?

He is looking for more people to join his CSA, don't hesitate anymore and sign up:

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